We are offering mentoring services on Fiverr.

Do you have a product or service that you would like to bring into the marketplace? Has the pandemic caused you to rethink you small business?

E-Region Enterprises is here to help.

For a nominal fee, you can speak with our award winning founder, Eileen Gadsden,MBA, for 30 – 45 minutes about your business or product idea.

“We like most companies had to pivot. We had to revisit our products and how we delivered them. We are ready to have conversations with existing small businesses as well as startups on how to best survive this pandemic.” – Eileen Gadsden, MBA

E-Region has three solutions on the Fiverr platform:

  • Idea Development – 30 minute session to discuss your product or service idea.
  • Product Development – 45 minute session to discuss current products or services on how to scale-up.
  • Operation Development – 45 minute session to discuss growth, financial and leadership strategies.

We are available for larger long-term projects as part of our full service consulting packages. Please contact us directly.

Best wishes and stay safe.


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